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After learning some background information about Ancient Rome, we began our project by choosing our topics. Next, we set up accounts with Noodletools to help us cite our sources. Then, we began our research using Britannica Online and Proquest SIRS. Finally, we wrote encyclopedia articles to share our knowledge with you! Now we are going to make Jeopardy games to test our knowledge of the unit.

We are a seventh grade social studies class with students between the ages of twelve and thirteen years old in a truly international school with no one culture dominating.

We have three sections of social studies and each section consists of about twenty students. Within each class every student picked his/her own topic about Ancient Rome that he/she wanted to investigate for the project. Our goal is to share our new knowledge with the world.

If you want to learn more about our Roman Encyclopedia/Jeopardy Game Project, you can read through the assignment sheets and rubrics my students are using. Click on the links below for these documents.

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